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National Show Web Cam Advertisement    

Web Cam advertising ensures that your ranch, stallion, or business will be spotted!
Static ads will be displayed on the side of the web feed and will rotate every 30 seconds.
Video ads will be displayed during class breaks.

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PLEASE NOTE: Video ad editing is an additional cost. Ad design/creation is the responsibility of the advertiser. Ads must be submitted to 321 Action Video by JUL 18 using this web page:

Any questions? Please contact 321 Action Video at

Side Banner ad image size is 375 pixels wide, and 645 pixels high. Full size Banner is 1920x1080.

If you need help with video editing, please contact one of the following recommended editors:

Daniel Herzog 860-205-1766
Also on Facebook

Karlie Cierra Loland
850-910-2017 Call or text
Also on Facebook


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If you notice inaccuracies in your records, please contact the ApHC at 208.882.5578.