Skip’s Reward 

 Skip’s Reward (Skip Bright x Miss Chili Bars, AQHA), a 1979 stallion owned by Caines Show Horses of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, and Bars S Bar Ranch of Wister, Oklahoma, was bred by Dodge Center Farm of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Skip’s Reward passed away in August 2004. He was owned by Caines Show Horses and Bars S Bar Ranch for the previous 11 years.

“Reward” had 45 halter points and a register of merit from his days in the show ring, but his overwhelming contribution to the breed came in his 287 registered foals. Of them, 66 foals earned 2,052 performance points, 146 foals earned 5,906.5 halter points, 92 earned 163 registers of merit, 14 were Club champions, four were versatility champions and one was a supreme champion. They earned 32 bronze medallions and six silver medallions; one earned a superior achievement certificate and in total his get have earned 2,897 youth points and 2,233 non-pro points — so far. 

Reward’s get continue to earn points in the ring and now their get are earning points and carrying on the family tradition. Kendalls Reward, a 1987 stallion out of Pleasin Punkin, earned 106 halter points total, with 101 of them from his yearling season in halter. He died at age four, but produced 26 registered foals. Of those, 12 have earned 369 performance points, 14 have earned 660 halter points, 13 have earned 24 registers of merit, three have halter superior event titles, two earned performance superior event titles, two are Club champions, one is a versatility champ and they’ve won one silver and 18 bronze medallions. Skip N Blue, a 1988 gelding by Magnolia Blue, earned 80 halter points, 155 performance points and six registers of merit. 

Reward’s legacy lives on in his get. In his obituary, owners Ellen and Connie Caines said, “You not only proved yourself as a champion, but you passed on your exceptional qualities to your offspring. Regardless of how the day was going, it always got better when I looked into those beautiful eyes. You were a friend, a teacher and most of all — a blessing.”

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