L.L. Kandy Anderson

Kandy Anderson bred and trained Double Hancock, winner of the first World Wide Futurity in 1962, and came full circle when he bred the 1993 WorldWide Futurity winner, Kady Mr Whiz. His horse experience has ranged from rodeo to racing. His stallion, Little Briches K. was a grand champion at San Antonio's 2nd International Appaloosa Horse Show and won the Bear Step Katouche as a National Champion.  Anderson served as president of the Kansas appaloosa racing association for more than 15 years and as director for 25 years, in addition to serving on the National Appaloosa Racing Committee.  His influence on the Appaloosa race industry hasn't dimmed, and his horses continue to prove him as a breeder, whether on the track or at the show ring.  

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