Classic Order

Pine Ridge Farm in Yukon, Oklahoma, bred Classic Order, a 1992 gelding by Under Orders (JC) and out of Susie Bar. Richard and Jeff Lankford-father and son-both of Princeton, Indiana, own Classic Order.

Classic Order started his career on the racetrack, but found his true calling in games classes. His speed and agility have helped him succeed, especially in the Camas Prairie stump race and the Nez Perce stake race classes.

The gelding has earned 1,629.5 performance points, one halter point and numerous bronze medallions in performance. He also earned year-end high-point titles in Camas Prairie stump race and Nez Perce stake race in 2000-2002 and 2004-2006; a 2003 year-end high-point award in Nez Perce stake race; a 2004 World championship in Camas Prairie stump race; a 2006 National title in Nez Perce stake race; and 2006 year-end high-point awards in steer daubing, figure 8 stake race and rope race.

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