Chelsea Roma

Carol Ann Beckner of Modoc, Indiana, bred Chelsea Roma and all five foals whose bronze medallions in distance riding earned the 1981 mare a spot in the Hall of Fame. Chelsea Roma is by Rominey Rye and out of Chelseas Camouphlage. The talented distance producer accumulated 2,340 open endurance miles during her five-year distance career.

Chelsea Roma's bronze-medallion-earning foals, all by Carol's leading sire of endurance medallion winners, Boogie's King-Bee, include:

*King's Fancy-Bee, a 1985 mare who earned her bronze endurance medallion in 1992 with 400 endurance miles.

*Chelsea Bee Roman, a 1991 gelding who earned his bronze competitive medallion in 1997. He tallied 425 endurance miles and 380 competitive miles during his career. He was also owned by Christina Dyer of Detroit, Michigan during his competitive career.

*Chelsea Image Bee, a 1996 mare who earned bronze endurance medallions in 2002 and 2003. The mare accumulated 1,215 endurance miles and 150 competitive miles during her distance career.

*Chelsea Color Bee, a 1998 gelding who earned bronze medallions for endurance in 2005 and 2006. He's owned by Judy Long of Hayward, California, and accumulated 915 lifetime endurance miles.

*Chelsea Charmabee, a 2001 mare who earned her bronze endurance medallion in 2006. She accumulated 405 endurance miles that year.

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